Friday, October 26, 2007

If my MIGRAINE comes...

I got migraine when I was 15 years old,until today I am still having migraine. Doctor,sin sher and whatever method I tryed also can not cuied. I even admitted to the hospital 4 times. So now if the pain come I depend on my "cafergot"(very strong pain killer specially for migraine) the medicine will follow me wherever I go. Sometime the medicine can not work then I have to go to clinic to ask for jab. Not only pain.....

  • I will vomit after taking the cafergot
  • I hate light. I need air cond and quiet place
  • I feel like going to "beng" the wall
  • The pain come at least once a month
  • If can I want to die,sometime the pain really can not tahan
  • I really pray hard hope Johan will not have this pain

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Johan admitted to SJMC

On Sunday morning (07 oct) Johan woke up and was not feeling well. He got a fever :( then as usual we give him the Paracetamol but after few hours his fever has not subside . We brought him to the clinic and doctor give him Voltaren (insert onto the rectum). This medicine brought down his fever in about 15 min . Then he starts to play with his cousins and then got tired he took a nap. About 6pm he woke up and his body was very heaty and he is shivering, I so scare and don't know what to do, we were at my mum's place and I saw him shivering then I cover him with blanket. I ask hubby to send him to SJMC cos his fever goes up to 40 degree C

We went to the emergency centre at SJMC. Johan was as so brave at the lab room and he never cry at all when they took blood from him for testing. We were worry it was "Dengue" fever. I really prayed hard hoping nothing happend to him. After the blood test result shown negative, we were totally relieved and the doctor allowed him to go home. At about 4 am he started to shiver again and his lip turn to purple color and both of us were very worried and immediate rushed him to SJMC again. I wonder why doctor don't want to admit him??? He said it may due to virus and ask us to monitor him for 3 days, if his fever goes up again then bath him. Oh!!!! my God I really don't know how to bath him when he got high fever???

Monday (08 oct) hubby took leave to take care Johan and I was back to work (cos I just started work, taking leave is not really ideal) and at about 11 am hubby call and said darling boy still high fever and he put the medicine for him. His fever comes every 7 hours after the medicine over and we still so worry then next day (09 oct) we bring to see his doctor (Doctor Foo) and admitted him. SJMC just like 5 star hotel, we spend 3 hours to wait for the bed, lucky Johan did not make noice.

3 days in SJMC his situation still the same, when he is ok he can do his coloring and play his toy happily but if his fever came he will be very weak. For me over night in the hospital is the most suffering task but I got no choice. Doctor does all the blood test and can not find what goes wrong to him? On 3rd day (11 oct) doctor said he can go home if we want but before he discharge his fever again up to 40 and we really don't know how but we still trust Lord that he can go home. Nurse are putting the last Voltren for him and reach home he is ok and thank God he no more fever.

One week did not go to school, Johan miss his teachers and friends so much. All my friend said he got the virus from daycare but I am not.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


As usual busy in the office. Suddently my phone rang....called from Little Oxford "Angie", oh my GOD don't tell me something happened to Johan. Teacher Angie said Johan fell down and knocked his forehead. He cried a while and his forehead had swelled a little . Oh....then I not that worry but my heart beat very fast leh. When I fetch him, he is not in pain anymore. I ask him how he did fall down? He said l run and I said cannot run in the daycare otherwise he may hurt other kid also. Then Johan said sorry mama. Be good and be careful ya darling boy.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

No More Tears

This scenario me and hubby wait for 3 years and 7 months plus.
Last time:
  • plan for his hair cut, normally will choose sunday morning.
  • go and check the ah neh(barber) availability and no other customer in the barber shop. Because before he enter the shop he started to cry already.
  • everything ready then carry Johan go in. Papa will take the sit and Johan will sit on papa's lap. Papa 2 hands "kiap" Johan, mama holding Johan's head and barber start to cut as fast as he cans.
  • Johan getting bigger and we need to put on more energy. He cry and shout like nobody business. Whoever passed by thought what was happenning?
  • he kick the barber and spitting him. We really sorry but he still charge us RM5, if he wants to charge us more we also don't mind.
  • we bring him once to the saloon but can not, those saloon girl can not handle him so we still go back to the barber.
  • that day bring him to the barber he so steadly walk in and ask him to sit he ok wor........finally! The ah neh also praise him. hahahahahaha
  • after one month pre-school he really improved a lot. Thank God. Darling, keep it up.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Johansen 3year 7mths <07.09.07>

Weight : 20kgs
Height : 108cm
School & Daycare : Little Oxford (Kelana Mahkota)
Darling you are good after daycare life:
  1. Drink milk from cup.
  2. Stand and pee.
  3. Eat steadily by yourselves.
  4. Go to bed at 9pm.
  5. Improved a lot in verbal communications.
  6. Speak in full sentences.
  7. Express himself.
  8. Like to mix around.

Darling you are not good in:

  1. Spent less time with us and try to be naughty in front of us.
  2. Please take an afternoon nap at daycare if not you very "lau gai"
  3. Over eating. Reach home roti,biscuit,cheese,apple juice and etc non stop put inside mouth.
  4. Mood swing easily and don't want to listen to us.
  5. Still have yet to show the liking to hold pen or pencil.

Overall Johansen is good. Give him and give us sometime. He will be better. God thank you for Johansen and pray that you will continue to guide him and bless him.Amen...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

What A Suprise!!!

Over the weekend we were very worried about Johan, he cried again in the wee hours on Monday morning. Since he started going to daycare, most Sunday and Monday mid night he was having nightmare. Every Monday I need to get out from home 10 minutes earlier than usual in order for him to "lau kai". When he refused to get out from the car, I had to carry him to the daycare (I dreaded that because the daycare is inside the condominium if he don't walk then I have to carry him wearing my heels!. But very funny leh, on this week since Monday, he get down from my car himself and walk to the daycare. When reaching there he even said bye bye to me.....oh my GOD just one month he changed so much. Should I feel happy or sad? Johan good boy never said don't want go to school anymore or.... He no longer need my full time care? I know I should feel happy but I just don't want to face it. Darling boy, you are GOOD. Mama loves you.